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Welcome to the To Love-Ru Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to everything about To Love-Ru that anyone can edit. Drawn by Kentaro Yabuki and written by Saki Hasemi, this Wiki is aiming to create the most vast compendium of To Love-Ru information on the Internet and offers all related material. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles.

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  • Brotherbandit

    Hi guys, I made a To-Love-Ru/StarTrek Crossover.

    It's called "To-Love-Ru: Beyond Infinity" and it features our favorite characters on a space-fairing adventure to Planet Deviluke.

    The latest chapters w…

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  • VuLinhAssassin

    I am tired of watching endless fan service and over-the-top ecchi situations, so let me ask: who will Rito end up with? To Love-Ru is beginning to lose its initial value. Well, even High School DxD, …

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  • Swordbirth18

    Incestous relationship

    January 20, 2016 by Swordbirth18

    Apparently, most of the country in this world forbids incest and views them as disgusting relationship..  The question is, are you the ones of those who views them as disgusting?

    I research about this…

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  • Swordbirth18


    December 4, 2015 by Swordbirth18

    I think I saw something amazing in the december chapter of to love ru darkness beside breast....... NOOOOOSEEEEBBLLLEEEEEDDDD....  Interesting, Rito will become the beast as the chapter progressess w…

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  • discussion page Darkness is still alive .
    created by Monterossa 3 minutes ago


    Now here's hoping Rito won't have to molest Yami again to turn her back to normal. I can imagine Momo and Nana using their plants and anim... 



    I hope he'll just get his ass kicked and go away. Not a fan of this characters. The author seems to make him kinda strong despite he has noth... 

  • discussion page Talk:Golden Darkness
    new comment by Otaku4469 5 hours ago
    Comment: Kuro made a big mistake in trying to kill Rito I hope he gets what is coming to him because what he is doing is sort of a death wish because you are...
  • discussion page Talk:Golden Darkness
    new comment by Nico24 6 hours ago
    Comment: No nead to read for see to it is an amazing battle like the one between gid and nemesis . Nemesis is now out of rito . Mea have commence combat wit...
  • discussion page Talk:Rito Yuuki
    new comment by Otaku4469 6 hours ago
    Comment: I found out more about Momo's scene she did jut like you said but it can't be classified as a blowjob unless you finish the job, and I think Rito...
  • discussion page Talk:Rito Yuuki
    new comment by Monterossa 9 hours ago
    Comment: I'd like to see Momo and Nana's reaction when they return to Earth and find out that Rito already made a mini harem with Mea, Nemesis, and Yami.
  • edit Kuro
    edited by Monterossa 10 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Trivia
  • discussion page Talk:Golden Darkness
    new comment by Monterossa 11 hours ago
    Comment: Sadly I can't read a single letter in Korean. Gotta wait a few more days for the Japanese release.
  • discussion page Talk:Golden Darkness
    new comment by RedWingFM 11 hours ago
    Comment: Chapter 71 is published on marumaru! It seems that Yami is able to execute transformation to the Darkness mode at will.
  • edit Mea Kurosaki/Gallery
    edited by Monterossa 14 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Anime
    Added photos:
  • edit Rito Yuuki/Gallery
    edited by Monterossa 14 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Anime
    Added photo:

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Run Elsie Jewelria is one of the supporting characters of the To Love-Ru Series and of the To Love-Ru Darkness Series.

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The first appearance of Sephie Michaela Deviluke in the manga series.

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