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Rito Yuuki
Rito Yuuki
Name Rito Yuuki
Kanji 結城 リト(梨斗)
Planet Earth
Birthday October, 16
Age 16
Height 164 cm
Weight 62kg
Eyes Gold Brown
Hair Orange
Unusual Features -Often unlucky when around girls
-Always grabs a girl's private parts when falling by accident
Personal Status
Marital Status Lala Satalin Deviluke (fiancée)(pending)
Momo Velia Deviluke (harem plan candidate and mastermind)
Relatives Mikan Yuuki (sister)
Saibai Yuuki (father)
Ringo Yuuki (mother)
Riko Yuusaki (female alter-ego)
Education Currently attending Sainan High School
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Akeno Watanabe

Rito Yuuki is the main male protagonist of To Love-Ru and To Love-Ru Darkness. He is a normal 16 year old student of Sainan High, who has a big crush on Haruna Sairenji, to whom he attempted numerous times to confess to her but has met with failure each time. It was only by accident that he encountered Lala Satalin Deviluke, an alien princess he accidentally became engaged to. Rito used to be on the soccer team in junior high and was quite good, but quit because he was constantly helping his father with his manga duties, thus did not want to leave his little sister Mikan Yuuki alone in the house. Mikan comments he is very good at the most "useless little things", like crane and festival games (e.g. hoops, catching fish, squirt guns). Along with the numerous useless little things Rito is good at, he is also an accomplished florist, gardener and horticulturalist.

Rito's nature is borderline clumsy, where he always ends up molesting or groping the many girls in the series (unintentionally, of course). He is generally kind, thoughtful and has a lot of respect for women, though mostly by intention, and not so much by success. Due to his shyness around girls, he is very clumsy around women and has great difficulty maintaining his composure around any sort of stimulating situation. Even without interference from Lala's inventions, Oshizu's psychic powers, or Celine jumping into his face, Rito is on his own clumsy enough to trip over absolutely nothing, and possesses an extraordinary skill in accidentally reaching his hands or face into the breasts or other private parts of any girl within reach when he is falling. He is constantly hated by women because of this, although unknown to him, his kindness is what wins him the affections of most of the female characters in the series.

Over time he also comes to love Lala and knowing his feelings for Haruna, she suggest for him to be with both of them, because due to being engaged to her, he is next in line for the throne of Deviluke which would make polygamy legal for him. In To Love-Ru Darkness, Lala's little sister Momo is also in love with Rito and expands Lala's initial idea into her harem plan, where she and all the other girls who love Rito can be with him.


Rito has golden brown eyes and orange-brown hair. In the original series the spikes on his hair were sharp and seemingly sticking out, but in To-Love-Ru Darkness his hair seems to be a lot more neat and softer. He is shown to be of average height, if compared to other male students in his class and is taller than most of the female cast.


Rito is humble, caring, and a gentleman (in principle), and is willing to help out almost anyone when they need it, even if they say they don't want or ask for it. He is also courageous and persistent enough to risk his life to protect his friends well being, like when he protected Lala from her strong bodyguards or the hitman Black, saved Haruna from Ghi Bree and stood up to his deceptively monstrous form, traveled to a dangerous planet to find a cure for Celine when she was sick, and tried to save Rin from Bladix's control and broke her free from it, nearly having his own mind being taken. Despite whatever struggles may come his way, he never gives up on those in danger. For these reasons, Lala stated that he's "the most dependable person in the Universe". Rito would also help out those who dislike him, such as Yami, like when she was sick from over-using her powers and he carried her to Mikado's clinic. He has also shown his sympathy for her when he learned of her past, and expressed anger towards the organization that created and raised her to become a weapon, going as far as to say he will never "forgive them".

Being a normal boy, though, he initially can also easily and somewhat frequently lose his temper and snap at people when annoyed by their actions or words, even and especially when he doesn't mean to. At first, he has shown to be angry and upset with Lala quite often, since he does have to put up with a lot of her hijinks, and even punched Ren in the face for thoughtlessly ruining what could have been a moment between him and Haruna, as well as for accidentally kissing him. His humble nature, in turn, can often have low self esteem about himself, building off of his rare short fuse. He rarely gives himself credit for his good deeds, tends to dwell on his mistakes more than anything when sad, hardly ever speaks up for or voices himself and, in general, doesn't do anything to truly stand up for himself.

His personality as a kind and loyal friend makes him quite trustful, and very persuasive which enables him to sway and befriend other people. Girls tend to feel a certain "warmth" when close to him like a hug or so. He is a very charismatic person, always trying to make people feel better and understand others' points of view and changing it to a more positive outlook. He cares for plants and animals, as shown when he was the only one who didn't neglect to care for the school flowers, and when he rescued a cat from a tree, both of which persuaded Haruna and Yui that he is really a kind person.

Unfortunately, while girls appreciate and cherish his innocent nature, his innocence is arguably one of his worst traits. He rejects immediate sexual pleasure frequently due to his nervous nature towards it, and he easily loses his composure around even slightly provocative situations being pushed into his face. As a result, he has grown to become very clumsy and shy around women, often looking away when faced with upfront, erotic situations either out of guilt, unsure panic, confusion, or all three. For these reasons, he is either regarded by other girls as an innocent boy and suitable love interest, or as an insolent boy and 'pervert', though never anything worse than this.


As a child, Rito would often go out and play football/soccer with friends, but because his parents weren't always around, which would leave Mikan all alone at home. Feeling bad for her as any good family member would, Rito would stay in to look after her. When he was thirteen, he took Mikan to the public pool that was crowded at the time which caused the two to separate (although Mikan unaware of it). Rito was so worried that by the time he found her, his T-shirt was covered in sweat which Mikan noticed how desperately he searched for her, though she thought it was stupid of him she was also happy.

Rito has always assisted his father's work as a manga artist, and then would take Mikan to a shrine nearby to play. One time, during his fifth grade, while Yui was also at the shrine, Rito climbed a tree to help a cat who was stuck. This was the first time that Yui met Rito, although it was years later during a déjà vu that Yui remembered that the boy was, in fact, Rito. The cat that Rito saved from the tree was the same cat that Yui tried but couldn't save prior to Rito and Mikan's arrival at the shrine. She tried to ask some of the boys from her class to help her,  but they rejected her because they hated Yui's strictness as their class representative, and left to play games instead. Because of that, Yui had the impression that all boys are bad. However, due to Rito's bravery, Yui's perception of boys changed, and she realized that not all of them are bad. Rito isn't aware that Yui was the same girl he met at the shrine.

During Rito's eighth grade, Rito became classmates with Haruna Sairenji. It was stated that this was the last time that Haruna and Rito became classmates (prior to the start of the series). In the anime, Rito has been in love with her when she was the only one who believed he did not vandalize the plants in the school garden. Haruna stated that she first noticed him during a school competition, when their class was lagging behind the other classes in a race, and he never gave up, and ended up winning the race for his class and won the trophy. Haruna also noticed Rito's care for the plants in the school, and noticed that Rito would always refill the water in the flower vase while no one else cared, and concluded that he must be a kind person.

Before Rito met Lala, it was stated that Rito had difficulty talking to girls, which led to his lack of confidence and clumsiness around them. However, because of Lala's friendliness, and Rito's growing relationship with Lala, all of Lala's female friends became Rito's as well, especially Haruna Sairenji (whom Rito had a crush on and could not even talk to prior to Lala's "descent") and is now able to have a proper conversation with them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a human boy of the most ordinary kind, Rito has no superhuman abilities of any kind. Among some of his minor talents are gardening, sports, and manga illustration, the latter skill he uses to assist his mangaka father. It was mentioned that he was also good at soccer. As his sister described, he's only good at basically useless things, such as sports, festival games, and video games. Oddly for an average human, Rito apparently has a few skills that no normal human boy would have. His most significant physical skills however, are often seen in comedic and perverted effect.

  • Weaponised Body: Comically, Rito can be used as a very effective weapon for Haruna when she panics in fear and blindly attacks whatever scares her by either swinging him around and/or throwing him.
  • Durability: As far as physical skills go, Rito has good resilience to physical attacks; a very useful characteristic for a boy regularly harassed by troublesome characters around him.
  • ToLoveRuDarkness ch32 18
    Haruna has mentioned that he is a very fast runner, as he was able to outrun four people ahead of him and win the sports festival race for his class. The extent of his speed is further seen when dodging incoming attacks, as noted by Yami in episode 11.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Even though he gets punched and hit continuously, he is seen to be able to dodge life-threatening attacks, such as Zastin's sword attacks and Yami's bladed transformations, even when she was still serious about killing him. This is referred to later on when Rito is seen narrowly dodging multiple sword slashes by Rin Kujou when she is possessed by the demonic sword Bladix; Yami notes that due to avoiding her own attacks at him over the year, Rito's ability to dodge deadly attacks has increased to the point which an Earthling shouldn't be able to avoid, showing that he has also gained great reflexes. Oddly, despite this skill, he is still clumsy on a regular basis.
  • Immunity to Seduction: Alongside Gid Lucione Deviluke, Rito has proven to be completely immune to the power of the Charmians, which supposedly can make all individuals of the opposite gender, regardless of species, fall in love with them.
  • Ritofalls

    Rito's godly fall

    Master Pervert: Despite being a generally innocent boy without perverted intentions, Rito appears to have perverted talents which he himself is not aware of. Nemesis complimented his "technique" on pleasuring women when she ordered him to massage her. Momo believes the same thing about him when he fondles her in his sleep, which she greatly enjoys  
But above all else, Rito's most remarkable and infamous "skill" is his ability to accidentally grope and molest any girl within his reach when he falls. Rito is often a victim to streams of otherworldly mischief and chaos around him, such as Lala's inventions, Oshizu's psychic powers, or Celine's pollens. But even without such interferences throwing him around, Rito is already often clumsy enough around women to trip over minor obstacles or absolutely nothing, and when he does, he never fails to accidentally reach his hands or face into the breasts or other private parts of any girl in close proximity to him. In To LOVE-Ru Darkness, his clumsiness becomes more frequent and surreal, where he is able to precisely reach his hands into the clothing of the girls, or partially strip off their clothing, and even grab their breasts and pinch their nipples, all of which purely by accident. His clumsiness is even able to "defeat" stronger opponents, such as when he caught Nemesis off guard and landed his face into her genitals, and when he predictably tripped and "defeated" Rin's attempt to dodge him, managing to glimpse and pull her panties. While his perverted clumsiness is not exactly a true skill which he would ever be proud of, it's nonetheless become his trademark characteristic, the frequency and coincidence of which are nothing less than extraordinary. Yami noted that the ecchi positions they land in from the way he bumps into others go against the laws of physics.
This "skill" is still just as effective when Rito is in a completely different body or in his female body as Riko. He once temporarily switched bodies with Haruna, and as Haruna, he demonstrated that he could still slip on a banana peel and slip his hands into Yami's clothes and grab her breasts, which Yami suspiciously noted to be just like Rito. However, when Rito is transformed into Riko, he ironically gets his own breasts groped by Yami and Nana.

Hobbies and InterestsEdit

Rito has a wide variety of hobbies. When he was younger, he would often play soccer for fun and competition, but has since moved on, making it a side interest of his. Rito's also fairly in touch with playing video games and watching TV, typically Magical Kyouko and whatever Lala, Nana, Momo, or Mikan have already put on. It's possible he may enjoy books, as suggested by going to the school library to get one on plants.

In the anime, Rito seems to enjoy watching the Magical Kyouko show, although in the manga he claims he doesn't watch it.

But as an average human boy, Rito is not particularly talented and does not really excel in most of his interests and hobbies besides the rather insignificant ones, such as video games and festival games. He is, however, highly accomplished and connected with horticulture, plant care and planting in general.


  • 212745

    Sorato Kenzaki

    Rito has similar traits to Hazumu Osagari, the protagonist of Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl. Both are shy, enjoy gardening, and both have been transformed into females by aliens (in Hazumu's case, it's permanent).
  • Rito, along with the other male characters of the To Love-Ru Series (with the exception of Honekawa-sensei), don't have a cameo appearance in the manga Mayoi Neko Overrun!, which is drawn by Yabuki Kentaro.
  • Rito's hair design is similar to Sousuke Futagami's in his "ID" form, from the One-Shot manga Futagami Double, authored and art by Yabuki Kentaro, the illustrator of the To Love-Ru series.
  • Rito has a similar appearance to Sorato Kenzaki from the manga Trans-Boy, also authored and illustrated by Yabuki Kentaro.
    • Oddly, the character's life changes when he meets a strange girl named Lala Lilia.

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