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Ringo Yuuki
Ringo Yuuki
Name Ringo Yuuki
Kanji 結城 林檎
Planet Earth
Birthday unknown
Age 34
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Yellow
Hair Orange
Unusual Features Measures women with her hands
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Saibai Yuuki (Husband)
Rito Yuuki (Son)
Mikan Yuuki (Daughter)
Education unknown
Occupation Fashion Designer
Manga Chapter 60
Anime Motto Episode 9
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
Ringo Yuuki is the mother of Rito Yuuki and Mikan Yuuki, and the wife of Saibai Yuuki. She is a fashion designer and a scout for fashion models. Normally working overseas, every once in a while she returns home to check up on the family, despite initially appearing to be refined and chic. 


Ringo has orange hair and yellow eyes, she is mostly wearing glasses above her forehead, a gold necklace and some really fancy clothing.


Ringo has a tendency to instinctively fondle other girls breasts, waist and butt with her hands and find out their measurements whenever she see's them (like when she first saw Lala and Haruna), even going as far as to strip thier clothes. This is a trick she probably uses in her work time as she personaly calls it her "work mode" a side of hers which she has a hard time controlling, showing how very seriously she takes her work.


Ringo first appeared in Chapter 60 to check on her family (much to the surprise of her children) and was already made aware of Lala living with them (and the fact she's an alien) by Mikan, upon seeing her she immediately "checks" her by fondeling her body and finds out her measurements. She does same to Haruna (who happens to have been visiting), only this time she tries to strips her clothes off but was stopped by Rito, seeing how Haruna acts around, she becomes aware of her feelings for him and comments how popular he is, this causes Haruna to be emberrasment and leave, much to Rito's displeasure. Later at the airport, Ringo is about to leave but before she does she tells Lala "good luck".

With the help of Lala, she returns for the Christmas party, where she asks who is Celine's mother, apparently assuming that her son is the father.


Saibai Yuuki Edit

Her husband who that she rarely see's but still loves very much.

Rito Yuuki Edit

Her first born child and only son, she seems to be aware of Haruna's feelings for him where he is not, thus makes fun of him for being oblivious. She would sometimes give him advise about girls.

Mikan Yuuki Edit

Her second born and only daughter, Like her daughter, Ringo is also highly perceptive, able to read Haruna's feelings towards Rito and both make fun of him for not knowing it.

Lala Satalin DevilukeEdit

Ringo seems to taken a liking to Lala, before she left, she wishes Lala "good luck" on her relationship with Rito, also knowing Haruna's feelings for him too.



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