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Oshizu Murasame
Name Oshizu Murasame
Kanji 村雨静
Planet Earth
Birthday July 26
Age approx. 16 at time of death
Died 400 years ago
Height 159 cm
Weight 49 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Unusual Features -Ghost
-Psychic powers
-Severe Cynophobic (Fear of Dogs)
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Currently attending Sainan High School
Occupation -Dr. Mikado's assistant
Manga Chapter 56
Anime Episode 17
Japanese Mamiko Noto
Oshizu Murasame, the ghost of a girl who died in the old abandoned school building 400 years ago. Since her meeting with Rito and the others, she begins exploring the world outside the old school building. Oshizu is aware of Haruna's crush on Rito by her ability to sense feelings while possessing another person and becomes very supportive towards cheering Haruna into confessing her feelings to him. Her real name is Shizu Murasame, but she likes to be called Oshizu better.

Appearance Edit

To-LOVE-Ru ch089 06-M7-

Oshizu has long blue hair and eyes. In her ghost form, she wears a white kimono and purple sash, she also has light colored wisps floating around her, can be slightly see through and instead of legs she has a ghostly tail (though during an OVA episode, her legs could be seen, though comically when Yami accidentally "cut" her ghost tail down). She looks the same in her human body only without any ghost features, and when working at Mikado's clinic, she is seen wearing a pink nurse's uniform. She always wears two beige ribbons in her hair. Her artificial body's measurements are 82-56-81.

Personality Edit

Oshizu is sincere, kind, and very curious about the modern world and has a severe case of cynophobia (fear of dogs), likened to Haruna Sairenji's level of fear to the supernatural (who also has a pet dog), the cause of this is unknown. When frightened of other things, she can emit blasts of mental stress, blowing apart various objects and surroundings with her poltergeist power, she occasionally "disconnects" from her body during brief moments of excitement or being frightened dogs. Oshizu can also be a bit of a blockhead because she easily misinterprets certain situations and can go off topic. Oshizu is quite determined about helping Haruna confess her love for Rito by using her powers. But that usually ends up in a perverted accident.

She is very old-fashioned as seen in OVA 1 and Ch. 102, when she used a Japanese brush to draw Japanese women.

History Edit

It is hinted in the 4koma that Oshizu comes form an era that was described as a "living hell" due to a lot of people desperately starving from a famine due to a drought. The cause of her death is unknown. It's hinted that she was used as a sacrifice to try to make it rain.

After 400 years, Oshizu "returns" to the living after Ryoko Mikado creates a prosthetic body for her to inhabit, built with biological qualities (looking and feeling like an actual, human body) and has become a recurring character in the series, even attending Sainan high. She currently works as an assistant for Mikado. In the first anime, Oshizu is not given a new body and her presence is limited, while in the OVA and Motto To Love-Ru and so on, she has her own body as she does in the manga.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ch37 pg38

The usual result of Oshizu using her powers. And it will always be Rito who gets punished.

Ghost Physiology: As a ghost, she is capable of flight, intangibility, psychokinesis, etc. while in her human body most of her ghost powers are limited but she is still able to use abilities such as psychokinesis and poltergeist. However, Mikado said that if Oshizu overuses her powers, her spirit would disappear.Although she technically has good intentional control over her powers, her vulnerability to distractions as well as her panics around dogs make her easily lose control, with disastrous results. Interestingly, when her powers go berserk, they inexplicably cause all kinds of perverted mishaps around Rito, such as stripping the clothes of girls in front of him, or throwing them over each other into a provocative position. 

  • Flight: A most basic ghost ability, Oshizu is capable of flying. However, she seems only capable of this after detaching herself from her artificial physical body.
  • Intangibility: Another basic ghost ability that lets her phase through walls, which she can also only do after detaching from her artificial body. 
  • Possession: Oshizu is capable of possessing others and control their movements. While she possesses others, she can also enter their subconscious and look through their memories and understand their feelings, especially feelings towards others. This ability is similar to Mea's Psycho-Dive.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Oshizu has extrasensory perception, which allows her to sense aura. She was able to sense the aura of another ghost that haunted Zastin's apartment. She was also able to sense the activation of Yami's Darkness Transformation even from a long distance.
  • Concentrated Psychokinetic Power: By pointing with her fingers, she is able to move objects with her mind without any physical contact and create poltergeists. She can also use this to control the bodies of other people without possessing them. She can create huge forces of shockwaves that can blast through walls and create force fields strong enough to seal a micro black hole. Although when frightened she loses control over this power for a moment, often leading to perverted results.
  • Psycho-Pyrokinesis: She can also use her psychokinesis to control the wisps floating around her (when in ghost form) to target her opponents and set them on fire similar to pyrokinesis. It's unknown if this affects other living things or just other spirits. 
  • Exorcism: Oshizu is also capable of exorcism, which she has shown by pulling out the spirit that possessed Zastin. 

Medical Skills: Due to being Mikado's assistant, Oshizu picked up some medical skills to be able to heal others, but she can be quite clumsy and would hurt others instead, especially when frightened.

Trivia Edit

-MayoiNekoOverrun!--ch06 008
  • She appeared in Mayoi Neko Overrun! as a customer (with Haruna).
  • In Mayoi Neko Overrun! Murasame is the name of a family who owns an academy/orphanage, with excellent students and the most excellent would be adopted to the family. It's unknown if this is a connection to Oshizu's name.
  • Being over 400 years old she is easily the oldest character of the series.
  • Her real name "Shizu" means silent or quiet and the O in front of her real name means small so her name can mean small quiet.

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