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Utoloverudarkness -ch024 001-002
Name Nemesis
Kanji ネメシス
Planet Unknown
Birthday December 31st
Age Unknown
Height 142cm
Weight Unknown
Eyes Gold
Hair Black
Unusual Features Body Transformation
Body Transfusion
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Mea Kurosaki
Golden Darkness
Education Unknown
Manga Darkness Chapter 23
Anime Darkness Episode 3 (Silhouette)

Darkness 2nd Episode 4 (In person)

Japanese Hidaka Rina

Nemesis (ネメシス, Nemeshisu), also known as Master Nemesis, is a character introduced in To Love-Ru: Darkness. She is a transformation weapon, much like Golden Darkness (Yami) and Mea Kurosaki, but does not share their genetic origins. She is Mea's master, whom she gives orders and uses to observe Yami's changes and recent life. At the beginning of To Love-Ru Darkness, her original plan was to make Yami return to being the heartless assassin she was before arriving on Earth and she convinced Mea that this was the only life they were meant to live as weapons. Due to her catalyst-like role in the overall plot, she is considered the central antagonist of To Love-Ru Darkness.

Because she wants Yami to join her and become an assassin again and wants Rito for herself (as her servant) because of his ability to influence Yami and Mea, Nemesis is essentially also the direct opponent to Momo's plan to include Yami, various other girls and herself into a harem for Rito.

Her real name is unknown and the name 'Nemesis' is based from Project Nemesis, a weapon project that was organized by the assassin organization that created both Yami and Mea. However, this project, as stated by Tearju Lunatique, was a failure, but Nemesis survived the project.


Nemesis is a petite-looking girl with long black hair, golden eyes with vertical silt pupils and tanned-skin. Based on her physical appearance, Rito had mistaken her as a little girl. However, she can change her appearance into anything she desires, such as a crow or a cat, or change her herself into a well-endowed adult woman (as a benefit of having complete hormonal control of her body). She has taken to giving herself cat ears often.

At first she wore a scanty black dress, but she used her abilities to change it into a black yukata (claiming how effective it is in a fight) with a star shaped gap symbol on it (similar to the one Yami and Mea have on the chest of their black gothic clothing) and she has a yellow sash wrapped around her waist. When she changed to black yukata first time she had a cat mask which combine with taichi figure covered left side of her head as decoration.

Her 3-sizes are B65-W51-H68


Nemesis is sadistic, mischievous, domineering and mysterious. She believes that a transformation weapon's only purpose for living is killing. She is often seen hiding in the shadows observing Rito, his friends, and their daily lives through Mea, until she began to approach them herself. She also has an eery and erotic side to her and finds Rito's shyness arousing and would like to have him as her servant. She said that she doesn't have full control over her erotic personality and would act on it on impulse. Upon her first appearance, her erotic tendencies quickly earned an uneasy impression from Rito and a strong disdain from Momo. She can be quite patient, like instead of persuading Yami to return to her old heartless life, she decides to wait until she uses the "Darkness ability", believing that Yami will return to that path naturally and that the "Darkness" will inevitably occur regardless of Yami's relationships on Earth.


Nemesis is said to be the only survivor of the tragic failure of "Project Nemesis", a different experiment from the project that created Golden Darkness. Mea remembers that Nemesis came to the fallen organization where she found Mea and decided to raise her. At that time, both their physical condition were unstable and Nemesis used her ability to fuse with her to stabilize herself. Nemesis always created images of herself to make Mea believe that they are both speaking to each other as separate people, and Mea was unaware that Nemesis existed insider her body.

Nemesis taught Mea that the purpose of a Transformation Weapon is to kill. She also taught her about her sister, Golden Darkness, whom they came to Earth to bring back into space as who she was before. 

Later, it was revealed that the project Nemesis initialized by an organization named Eden, was in fact, a success and a Dark Matter-based transformation weapon was created, namely Nemesis, unlike Yami and Mea, who are human-based. Her current aim is now to destroy the political system established by Deviluke planet after the Galaxy War. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Matter-based Physiology: Unlike Golden Darkness and Mea, Nemesis' body consists of dark matter rather than DNA and nanotechnology. While she possesses the same common shape-shifting abilities as Yami and Mea, her powers are fundamentally different nature, and due to her dark matter-based physiology, she possesses abilities unique to herself.
To love ru wiki contri 3

How Trans-fusion looks within the mind of Mea.

  • Trans-Fusion: This is one of Nemesis' own unique abilities, which allows her to fuse her body with that of another entity. She was forced to fuse herself with the body of Mea Kurosaki, where she continued to watch things happen around Mea from inside her body. Nemesis explained that she used this ability when she first met Mea because at the time, Nemesis was in a physically unstable condition, and so she needed to exist inside Mea's body as a vessel until she can stabilize herself, and then she can leave Mea's body. While under Trans-fusion, she is able to communicate with Mea, and even create an image of herself in her mind, so as to give Mea the illusion of them speaking with each other face to face in the physical world. It is unknown if she can use Trans-fusion to fuse with other people, or just with other Transformation Weapons. When she is separated from someone she fused with, she emerges first as a formless black cloud of dark matter and then compresses back together.
  • Black Cloud Form: Due to her body comprising of dark matter, she can also transform her body into a formless black cloud and reshape herself at will.
  • Remote Cloud Transformation: Like Yami and Mea, Nemesis is also able to transform her body into different shapes and objects, such as hands and solid weapons. But unlike them, she is able to separate clouds of dark matter from her body, which are all capable of flying and transforming into any shape or object she desires, and control them remotely.
  • Mental Manipulation/Body Jack: It is heavily implied, if not confirmed, that she is able to briefly hijack the bodies of several lesser-minded individuals even if they were conscious beforehand. While under such effects, her victims have the appearance of zombies and borrow a fraction of her strength in order to hold their own in battle. It is also shown that she is able to speak through them, as she speaks through Saruyama in order to communicate with Yami.
  • Light Energy Immunity: Nemesis cannot be harmed by light energy, or any device that uses light energy as a weapon, such as a Devilukean photon blade.
Transformation Ability: Nemesis has demonstrated the same transformation ability as Yami and Mea by manipulating the Dark Matter itself, unlike Yami and Mea who master the nano machines installed within their body.
  • Hair Manipulation: Like Yami and Mea, Nemesis can also control the movement of her hair and transform it into any animate object such as weapons.
  • Body Transformation: Nemesis can also alter her appearance and reshape her body to look more adult-like. She can also change her skin color to match people around her, and even change her appearance to look exactly like other people, which she demonstrated by taking the appearance of Mikan, Yui and Lala.
  • Animal Transformation: She can fully transform into animals, even those much smaller than herself, such as a crow or a cat. This ability is something that not even Yami or Mea are seen capable of doing (although they both have been shown to create partial animal forms). She can also grow a pair of butterfly wings.
    To love ru wiki contri 4

    Nemesis shows off her new wings.

  • Vocal Alteration/Imitation: In addition to her shape shifting abilities, she can also change her voice to sound just like anyone.
  • Attire Transformation: She is able to transform her clothing, as seen when she switches between a black nightgown and a yukata. She is also seen wearing a maid outfit.


  • Nemesis' name comes from the Greek goddess of indignation against, and retribution for, evil deeds and undeserved good fortune, Nemesis.

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