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Haruna Sairenji
Name Haruna Sairenji
Kanji 西連寺 春菜
Planet Earth
Birthday March 6[1]
Age 16
Height 160cm
Weight 50kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue

Black (Manga Only)

Unusual Features Possesses superhuman strength and great fighting skill with any blunt weapon (or Rito) when in state of panic.
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Akiho Sairenji (Sister)
Maron (Pet)
Parents (not yet introduced)
Education Currently attending Sainan high
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Sayuri Yahagi

Haruna Sairenji is the second female protagonist of To Love Ru. She is in Rito's class and is the girl of his affections. Haruna has similar feelings for him, having been attracted to his kind, gentle nature since junior high, but believes them to be unrequited and has not built up the nerve to confess to him. Despite her growing love for Rito, her friendship with Lala causes her to suppress her feelings since she doesn't want to hurt Lala who also loves Rito. However, with some encouragement, she eventually tells Lala of her feelings for Rito which Lala accepts, stating that Haruna is her rival for Rito's heart, while still remaining friends.

In the anime, there is a running gag where Rito is about to confess to her, only for something (or someone) to come between them.

Haruna is affiliated with the tennis club and also is left handed.


Haruna has blue hair and blue eyes, she has quite a cute complexion which most boys seem to like. She always wears a red vertical hair clip on the left of her head.

According to Mio Sawada, Haruna's measurements are B79-W56-H82. Despite having a fairly normal physique for a girl her age, she often feels inferior being surrounded by girls like Lala and Yui, who are far more developed physically.


A highly responsible person, Haruna's personality can sway her classmate's hearts to vote for her as their class representative, even when she did not run as a candidate.

Haruna is also a very kind, understanding and patient person, to the point that she's polite to everyone around her, especially to Rito. Despite his perverted clumsiness, she always forgives him in time. However, she does occasionally slap him for it out of panic, even though she is fully aware that he doesn't do it on purpose, but she forgives him very quickly.

In the beginning, she had feelings for Rito, but did not express them until he started hanging out with Lala, after which she started showing signs of jealousy. This did not prevent her from becoming good friends with Lala. Once when she was drunk off of Deviluke herbs, she couldn't help but cling on to Rito (while half naked and wet) and said that he's all hers for the moment (Darkness Chapter 26).

Haruna secretly enjoys Rito's kindness; he once found her when she had been turned into a cat by one of Lala's inventions and, unaware that it was Haruna, started playing with her, which she claimed was like being in heaven.

She has a severe fear of ghosts and the supernatural with the exception being Oshizu Murasame, but only for a while. When frightened, she has a habit of grabbing the nearest thing around her – typically Rito – and swinging wildly, in an attempt to get rid of whatever frightens her.


When Haruna was 13, her parents moved because of her father getting a job in another city. However she and her older sister stayed behind because they didn't want to leave their home at Sainan.

In eighth grade, Haruna was in the same class as Rito, which has been stated to be the last time that Haruna and Rito were classmates (prior to the start of the series). One time when the school garden was vandalized, Rito, who was caught on the scene was mistakenly presumed to be the guilty party. Haruna, knowing how much he cares for his own garden, was the only one who believed in his innocence. Unknown to her, Rito overheard her defense of him and was touched by her belief in him, which was the origin of his his feelings for her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ch58 pg10

    With sword Rito in hand, Haruna remains undefeated in combat.

    Imm​ense Strength: Even though she seems shy and weak, she has more strength in her than everyone thinks she has, which is occasionally revealed rather comically. Her strength is often shown when she is in a state of panic or frightened of something, and she becomes capable of lifting, swinging and throwing an actual person (mainly Rito) and knocking and fighting back the thing she's scared of.
  • Tennis Skill: Haruna is quite skilled in tennis, as she is a member of the tennis team and club.
  • Improvising: She is also good at improvising, like when she and her friends were inside the virtual reality game Trouble Quest, she skillfully used a sword, comparing it to how she uses a tennis racket, or using an actual person as weapon when bare-handed.
  • Natural Leader: She has also shown to have great leadership skills and is able to keep everyone calm when they are panicking


  • Her name may come from Mount Haruna, a dormant stratovolcano in Gunma, eastern Honshū, Japan.
  • She has a cameo appearance in Mayoi Neko Overrun! Chapter 6 page 8 together with Oshizu and was partially seen with Lala in Chapter 8 page 27.
  • Haruna is left handed.
  • Haruna's astrology sign is Pisces.
  • Haruna's reduced role in the manga is due to her being based on series artist Kentaro Yabuki's now ex wife, who was awarded the rights to the character in their divorce.


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